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  Professional Soft Skills   Corporate Training System
Professional Skill
Sales & Marketing
Functional Effectiveness
Personal Effectiveness
Project Management
Supply Chain

Team Building
HR for Non-hr
Finance for Non-financial
Change Management
Crisis Management
Training Skills
Stress Management
Managing Managers
Cross Functional Communication
Effective Motivation Skill
Process Management
Problem Solving
Business Thinking
Effective Communication Skill
Effective Coaching Skill
Effective Meeting Skill
Effective Business Writing
Supervisory Skill
Situational Leadership
Management by Objective
Win-win Negotiation Skills
Effective Presentation Skill
Time Management
Business Etiquette
Conflict Management
Introcution to Managment
Fundamentals of Management
Business Orientation
Total Quality Awareness
Personal Desktop Management
Managing Self-Motivation
and many others...
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  We help corporation to develop training system.
Each year, corporations spends a large share of budget on employee training and development.How effective is the training system is essential to the development to human resources who directly decide the development of the company itself.Philinno boasts its sound solid experience in this area of developing corporate training systems to our clients.By conducting personal and organizational development analysis we co-work with our clients to develop the most effective training systmes for their companies.
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    Sales&Marketing   Psychological Assesment

Professional Selling Skill
Sales Negotiation Skill
Territory Management
Retail Selling Skill
Tele-Selling Skill
Sales Pressure Management
Sales Presentation Skill
Sales Business Manner and Image
Key Account Management
Channel Management
Distributior Management
Strategic Selling Skill
Customer Relationship Management
Sales Management
Coaching Skill
Effective Motivation Skills
Objective Setting
Regional Sales Management
Distribution Management
Channel Conflict Management
Sales Forcast & Planning
and many others..
Brand Management
Integrative Marketing Communication
Public Relationship Managment
Crisis Managment
New Product Lauching
Marketing Promotion Management
The fundementals of Marketing
Business Simulation
and many others...
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  We help corporation to evaluate and test those people inside your company.
    Functional effectiveness   Compensation Package
    Marketing & Sales
Financial Management
Human Resources
Information Management
Total Quality
Operational Management
Project Management
and many others...
  We help corporation to develop the most competitive compensation package
    Personal Effectiveness   Sales Performance
    Time Management
Effective Presentation
Effective Communication
Creative thinking and problem solving
Learning to learn
Stress Management
and many others...
  We enhance the sales performance
    Interpersonal Effectiveness   Process Reengineering
    Team Building
Managing Motivation
Developing Others
Analysing Training Needs
Levesing Performance
Objective Setting
Perfomance Appraisal
and many others...
  Help clients to refine their operation
    Project Management   Reorganization
    Managing Projects
Project Leadership
Scheduling and Cost Control
Risk Management
Contracting for Project Managers
Quality for Project Managers
Project Management Applications
IT Project Management
Microsoft Project Management Tools
PMP Exam Preparation
Project Planning
Project Management Simulation
and many others...
  Company reorganization,layoff,merge or acquizition, we provide human resource consulting service.
    Manufacturing,Supply Chain and Procurement    
    Towards World Class Factory
Lean Production Management
Industrial Engineering Management
Cost Control & Value Analysis
6 Sigma Overview
6 Sigma Green Belt
6 Sigma Black Belt
Production Project Management
5S Management
Planning Schedule&Activity Control
Health,Safety & Enviroment
Maintenance Management
The Supply Chain Management
International Logistics Management
Custom Clearance Management
Warehouse Control
Inventory Management
Logistics Information Managemnt
Logistics Cost Management
3rd Party Logistics Management
Effective Purchasing System
Purchasing for Large Projects
International Perchasing
Effective Purchasing Manager
Effective Purchasing Skill
Negotiation Skills for Buyers
Selecting The Right Suppliers
Purchasing Cost Management
Cost Analysis for Purchasing
Contract Management
and many others...
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    Business Ethics
Training Series for Hosiptal Directors
Franchasie Management
Entreprenenurial Series
NLP Pressure Managmement
ETP Series
and many others...
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