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Customer Service
  Philinno develops,manages and develops learning projects, using the methodology of competence clock, which ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Any wall without foundations may look good initially,but will rapidly crumble. Philinno builds its learning solutions on strong foundations: accountable managed services, structured project-planning and management, the expertise of experienced learning professionals ¨C and a proprietary methodology within which our solutions architects, instructional designers and consultants work.

Philinno boasts the learning model/resources which are unmatched by any other organisation, including:
our own industry-leading learning tools and technologies.
extensive learning consultancy services.
local delivery operations.
the flexibility to introduce new services, as needed,for specific solutions and     projects.

Our extensive portfolio of learning tools and resources means that we do not have a partisan approach.

We are always able to deliver the most appropriate solution for each customer ¨C often seamlessly mixing learning approaches within a single project.
Although we view each customer¡¯s needs with fresh eyes and develop unique innovative solutions, we build these using proven tools and a consistent approach.
    Our services usually follows three steps which goes around itself to better the service level output.

Step 1:Before the training
           Consulting for training needs
           Questionnaire for competence level
           Interview for training needs clarification
           Case finding and collecting
           Customize the training programs
           Course Material Prepration
           Other prepration work

Step 2:During the training
           Case Study
           Role Play
           Group Discussion
           Other interactive training tool

Step 3:After the training
           Trainging program evaluation
           Checking personal action plan
           Telephone or email communication with trainees
           Organizational performance enhancement proposal
           Experience sharing with trainees after practising what¡¯s been trained

    Customer Service    
    Our client's total satisfactiong is our objective.Every employee takes this objective as our personal matter.    
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